Different Types of Lace Used in Wigs


There are many types of laces used to create wigs. When shopping for wigs, you will find various laces, including Swiss, HD, and invisible lace front wigs. All the laces have unique desirable or undesirable features. So before buying a lace, it is vital to know its features, pros, and cons. Your choice will also depend on your taste and style. The guide highlights all types of lace used in wigs to help you select a suitable lace.

Swiss Lace Wigs

Swiss lace is found on several wigs, including lace closures, full lace wigs, lace front wigs, and closure wigs. It is the most widely used lace since it blends well with the skin and gives a natural look. The lace comes in various colors like shades of brown or transparent to match various skin tones perfectly. Moreover, the lace is soft, easy to install, and breathable. Plus, it is durable than other lace types hence can withstand tension. Swiss lace is also fragile.

HD Lace

Some people have believed that Swiss and HD laces are the same for a long time. The rumor is not far from the truth since HD lace is Swiss lace. However, HD lace is thinner, more transparent and fragile, and finer than standard Swiss lace. Manufacturers design HD laces using finer lace. Therefore, the lace texture is more delicate and ideal for women who love changing wigs frequently. Because of their texture, you need to be cautious when handling the lace. Being transparent, HD laces create an undetectable hairline result and offer an incredibly natural appearance. The laces are expensive and can be found on wig types like lace front wigs and closure wigs. Further, they are more comfortable to wear than Swiss lace.

Types of Lace Based on Color

There are also a ton of laces used in wigs concerning color. These include transparent, invisible, and clear lace.

1. Invisible Lace

Invisible lace wigs use ultra-modern technology to create an illusion of hair growing from the wig base. Manufacturers can use all types of lace art, from HD lace to make invisible lace. HD lace is fragile, so it cannot handle the heavy knots.

2. Transparent Lace

Transparent laces are regular laces with a transparent color. Transparent laces blend seamlessly with light skin tones. The laces can be used in various types of lace, including Swiss lace, French lace, and Korean lace. As mentioned, Swiss lace is popular for its longevity and softness.

3. French Lace

French lace is not as popular as Swiss lace because it is not breathable. It is thicker, detectable, and feels hard on the hand than other lace types. The lace comes in various shades of brown. It is ideal for women who are rough with their wigs.

4. Korean Lace

Though it is cheaper than other alternatives, it is the least used lace. The lace is found on low-quality wigs, and it is the thickest and roughest laces. These features make the installation of the wig hard.

5. Clear Lace

It is an upgrade of Swiss and HD lace as it combines the best features of both laces. Clear lace also features melt technology making it undetectable on all skin tones. Moreover, it is durable and allows styling without excessive shedding of hair fibers.


Since there are numerous types of laces, it is not easy to differentiate between them. The information highlighted in this article will help you distinguish different laces and choose wisely.


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