Difference between FIFA Coins and FIFA Points


A Fifa Point is a very important element of the FIFA Ultimate Team also known as the FUT. FIFA points can be purchased online and you can get free fifa coins as a reward for completing a challenge.

Some of the famous point cards contain 12000, 4600, and 2200 FIFA Points. To participate in the online FIFA Team Ultimate, you will be required to subscribe for an Xbox Live Gold, Nintendo Switch Online, or a PlayStation Plus.

1. What Are FIFA Points Used For?

FIFA Points gives a gamer access to FIFA Ultimate Team packs. The FUT packs contain all kinds of goodies including players, kits, and trainers which you can add to your team and be placed at an advantage during your next match. If you do not feel the need to use the items, you can also sell them on the target market and earn FIFA Coins.

2. How To Get Your FIFA Points

This you can simply do in the form of a digital code. This code will be displayed on your screen and sent through an email after you are done processing your payments. Having completed this step, you can now activate the code through your account, or console.

3. What is the Difference Between FIFA Points and FIFA Coins?

The major difference between these two is that FIFA Points can be bought. On the other hand, you can only get FIFA coins by earning them when you win challenges. It is against the EA rules to buy FIFA Coins so if you want some, you have to play on the FIFA Ultimate Team to earn.

Both FIFA Coins and FIFA Points can be used to open FUT Packs. One advantage a coin has over a point is that a coin can be used to purchase players displayed on the transfer market in FUT. Generally, you can earn FUT Coins by playing FUT, joining in on squad building challenges, buying FUT online, or selling items on the online transfer market.

Most times, going through various challenges to get this coin is time-consuming and demands a lot of patience and skills. That is why many players subscribe to the option of buying FIFA Coins. A survey carried out throughout the year shows that more than 50 percent of FIFA gamers invest in one of the two currencies regularly.

On the other hand, one cannot receive FIFA points through play. You can only buy it via either of these three options. First, through the in-house FUT shop, second, through the console shop of an Xbox or a PS4, and lastly, through an online or local vendor.

An important disadvantage of FIFA points, when compared to FIFA Coins, is that FIFA points cannot be used to make purchases on the transfer market. It can only be used to open packs. However, opportunities exist for selling drawn items on the market in exchange for FUT coins.


Both FIFA Points and FIFA Coins are important game currencies without which the gaming experience won’t be as interesting and exciting. Both currencies are usually mistaken for each other by ignorant players but the basic difference is that while one can be bought, the other can only be earned.


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