An Overview of Leisure Ledge Loungers


If you feel like having a short vacation in your backyard, the ledge lounger can come in handy. It is also the perfect choice if you want to transform your swimming pool area. Adding several ledge loungers will give you and your loved ones enough space to relax while enjoying the weather. These lounges are comfortable and contoured lounging chairs; some call them the pool chaise loungers or swimming pool chairs. Below is a simple guide to understanding the leisure ledge loungers.

What to know about leisure ledge loungers

As you get ready to buy a leisure ledge lounger from Alibaba, be equipped with basic information about these chairs, and you will love the experience. The buying process is easy. In the sections below, we will focus on some things you need to know about leisure ledge loungers.

What is a ledge lounger?

A ledge lounger is a chaise lounge or a pool chair with an excellent design. Its design ensures it is perfect for sitting on the ledge of a pool. It has a contoured shape, making it ideal for relaxing, sleeping, and sitting in the pool. The design is steady, meaning it will not inconvenience or harm you. High-quality loungers are very durable. They consist of a sun-resistant fabric to ensure it does not wear under the harsh conditions of the sun. The ledge loungers can stay in the sun for days without fading or cracking.

Are they hard to maintain?

The durability of the loungers ensures minimal maintenance cost. Thus, after the initial investment, you will not need to spend too much on repairs. The loungers are also very stable. They tend to stay in place once you submerge them in water. The ledge lounger can also withstand the harsh pool chemicals. The chemicals will not make the lounger fade or chip away.

How wide are the ledge loungers?

The size of the ledge loungers often depends on the supplier. However, the most common ones have a length of 78 inches and a width of 20.5 inches. The lounges back have a standard height of 35 inches. However, its seat height is about 13-inches

What materials are present in a ledge lounger?

Manufacturers make the ledge lounger from different materials. The type of material that a manufacturer uses determines the quality. However, the most common are; ultra-strong polyethylene, marine-grade fabrics, UV-resistant resin/plastic, and rotomolded materials. The materials ensure that the lounger can withstand the sun without experiencing any negative impacts. It also has color stabilizers that keep it from discoloration and fading.

Other loungers have aluminum frames together with UV-resistant and water-proof fabric. The only limitation of those loungers is that you cannot fill them with water. They are perfect for fun shelves and near the pool.


Leisure ledge loungers allow you to have a fantastic time of your life in your backyard. The loungers have many benefits. Some benefits that set them apart include UV resistance, durability, and chemical resistance, so they do not fade easily. Buy the loungers today and get value for your money.


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